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December 31, 2007

Social Media Top 5: Year End Edition

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I wasn’t going to join the year-end list-making parade of reflections and predictions. We should be reflecting and predicting everyday, right? Why do it now? Then I realized “everyday” includes today, and, yes, I do a list every day – ok, every week – so, it would by hypocritical for me to refrain.

Not that I would care.

But I can make a list without feeling bad about scorning the whole end-of-year list-making BS, so there.

One difference– this Social Med ia Top 5 is not so much made-up jokes and eye-poking, but a broader year-end look, with a little-fun-making thrown in, I hope.

Maybe I should lay off scorning year-end lists after all. Here goes:

  • In 2007, Guy Kawasaki proved 2 things with his site Truemors:
    • If you’re Guy Kawasaki you can put an elephant turd on a roll, call it a sandwich an people will eat it.
    • You can get a business up and running for less than $20,000, rather than begging for that $5 million VC round. I think we may see more worthy businesses succeed with this model in 2008.
    • 2007 saw expansion of the idea of egalitarian media- anyone can create, and make a difference, while naysayers such as Andrew Keen started to get louder, disdaining the “Cult of the Amateur.” While I particularly found Keen’s use of social media tools to spread his antisocial media message, I do think that top-down media holds appeal for many folks, and we will see more of that in 2008. Where it is unwanted (Twitter?) it will be rejected, but other places (many blogs and “communities”) it will be embraced where people want it. We have the right to make media, but we also have the right to lurk and be an audience as well. The push-me-pull-you of these two social media schools of thought will continue, and continue to be interesting.
    • Social Networks are more fully-formed than ever, but where next? We already know they will be incorporate into games (Sony is already well on the way, aren’t they?), but perhaps 2008 will see companies and people trying to insert social networks into other existing frameworks (television viewing), pushing the linits and seeing where it’s wanted.
    • “Micro Networks” might even have a more interesting time of it. An off-shoot of the Hyper-lcoalization of the web, micro-networks will be highly targeted, niche specialized groups online. Most likely they will use tools like Ning to organize. I already see where the limits exist; my office, a cubicle culture, does not need an online social network (or work network), when we have cubicles. But “virtual” companies may find their own innovative ways to organize. It will be interesting to see what bubbles up.
    • Virtual Worlds: 2007 saw the so-called “trough of disillusionment” for Second Life, the 3-D virtual world, but it also saw mainstream TV shows like CSI and The Office forming episodes around Second Life. Interest is not dead, but how will we see the next “pop?” Will it come from somewhere other than Second Life? A retail site or other online commons introducing 3-D avatars? How will the masses make the logical leap from The Sims to Second Life-style interactivity? Will it happen in 2008? Something will happen

    OK, those 5 weren’t funny or snarky for the most part, so here’s a current-week bonus:

    • crayon’s Scott Monty borrows a page from boss Joseph Jaffe (remember the “send me an iPhone” podcast?) and begs online for a snowblower. How should he repay the community? I think he should steal an idea from Blendtec and start a series of YouTube videos for Toro entitled “Will it Blow?”

    ETA: Please put your feelings of social media for 2007/2008 in the comments– or linkbacks. Thanks for coming by!
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    December 23, 2007

    Surrounded by peas: Susan Reynolds & the Frozen

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    I saw so many frozen peas today, I couldn’t resist! Thinking of Susan Reynolds,, and the Frozen Pea Fund for cancer research.
    More in the audio.

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    December 21, 2007

    Social Media Top 5: Easy-Peasy Edition

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    Here is the pre-Christmas (I’d say pre-holiday but Hanukkah has come and gone) edition of the Social Media Top 5. For the most part, I’m just having fun. Only way to tell if I’m not kidding is by following the links. Sometimes it’s a judgment call

    1. First off, this is Frozen Pea Friday. The frozen peas motif is in honor of Susan Reynolds, a friend I know through social media whose recent breast cancer diagnosis led to her cancer surgery today. She had been using frozen peas as ice packs until recently, thus the motif. The online community has responded en masse (see and see how many people have changed their avatars to peas). In her name, friends have set up the Frozen Pea Fund, where a $5 donation (the price of two bags of frozen peas) or more goes to the American Cancer Society. That wasn’t funny? Sorry about that, back to business…
    2. New Media DB‘s everywhere: Loren Feldman has upped the requirements for membership in the NMDB club, avec une peu d’aide de ses amis (I’m sorry, should I have spelled out “douche bag?”).
    3. Speaking of New Media DB’s, we have a new Bingo game: Tweeterboard. It’s more like Twitterholic meets Whack-a-mole.
    4. Seven Incredibly Intelligent Ideas For Blogging More Efficiently; the result? More blog posts for the rest of us to read. Thanks (right, Chip Griffin?)
    5. Boston’s Social Media Breakfast 4 takes place in a basement with no wi-fi or cell signal. Now we know where organizer Bryan Person stands on the issue of live-blogging and live-twittering of events. (Oh right, gratuitous link for guest of honor Geoff Livingston? How about the one where I’m in the video?)

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    December 19, 2007

    Must you dine at the mall during the holidays?

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    This what enforce shopping – e.g., Christmas – does to the human condition. A few tricks to having lunch at the mall during December, if you must:

    1. Be willing to walk. Park far away, it’s much faster than circling for a primo spot. If you don’t think you can walk it and you don’t have a disability permit, you are either lazy or you have an infant, an unfortunate separate category.

    2. Have nothing else to do. Clear the work schedule, maybe even set aside time to shop. This isn’t going quickly.

    3. Suck it up. Even if you have no choice, what the hell are you doing in a mall on December 19? Are you nuts? Apparently I am.

    Picure is Cheesecake factory at Burlngton Mall, Massachusetts

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    December 15, 2007

    In praise of local businesses

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    There’s nothing wrong with national chains- if the product and service is good, and the company isn’t totally evil. However, there is nothing like a local business. Pronizing local establishments really makes you feel a part of the community.

    This is Antoine’s bakery in Newton, Maschusetts, which opened in 1954.

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    December 14, 2007

    Social Media Top 5: Wintry Mix Edition

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    A new round of the Social Media items of interest, fun-poking (not the Facebook kind), and totally made-up stories:

    • Snow catches Northeast US by surprise, once again for reasons beyond comprehension. New horrors: blogging Social Media nerds (ok, guilty!), including Toe-Twittering in Traffic (say that three times fast).
    • Who needs a blow-up doll when Amanda Chapel is your new girlfriend? On Media Bullseye, Chip Griffin, sick of the elitist sniping by the social media self-appointed, writes an article that… sets off a round of elitist sniping by the social media self-appointed.
    • A kinder, gentler, Denial-of-Service Attack. Jeremiah Owyang floods Twitter with people who actually want to use it. Rather than crashing under the weight, Twitter’s servers politely schedule a crash for Saturday, December 15. Very thoughtful.
    • Le Web 3 conference: Laura “Pistachio” Fitton compares the social manners of Parisians with those of Web-entrepreneur Jason Calacanis. Data still in review. (Jason does know how to say “Thank you” in at least three languages).
    • Radiohead: The Lucy Van Pelt of the music industry

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    Doug’s Snowy Commute

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    (UPDATE: Comments welcome below of course, but also share your story on the “Awful commute Wiki” established by Bryan Person.)

    Yesterday’s (12/13/07) snowsotrm in the Boston area was no record breaker, but its timing meant one of the worst homeward commutes in recent memory. Stories about abandoning cars by the Charles River, stopping short of home after 9 hours and grabbing a hotel room, and taking nine hours to cross Providence, RI make my 3.5-hour commute home look wimpy, but it was still a bit of an ordeal.

    To pass the time I sent in audio dispatches to Twitter, and (carefully) took a few short videos to document some of the stages of the commute. I have compiled them here:

    Starting out: smartest thing I did was to head to the gas station, though that took 1/2 hour:

    Smooth sailing on Route 93 South– for now

    No more smooth sailing (reference to “Seesmic,” a video site I am experimenting with)

    What better soundtrack than the Beach Boys for a wintry commute?

    Take it slllooowwww…

    Getting off the highway

    Winter Wonderland part 1: delusion sets in and I feel pity for the poor suckers who don’t get snow

    Nearly home

    You can also hear my progressive audio dispatches:

    Twittergram #1

    Twittergram #2

    Twittergram #3

    Twittergram #4

    (I may re-edit this some other time to put the audio in players)

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    December 12, 2007

    Jeremiah Owyang makes Twitter go nuclear

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    I mean that in the best possible way. Yesterday, Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester Research, in a post about the microblogging service Twitter, invited people to leave their Twitter ID in comments in an attempt to connect as many people as possible.

    Boy howdy, did he succeed! More than 300 comments later, I personally have over 120 more people following me in my Twitter network. Why is that important to me? It will come as no surprise to those who know me that I have more people following my twitter posts than my blog. No big deal, Twitter suits the “spur of the moment” way my brain often works. Quick messages, comments on what’s going on, questions, thoughts, observations. It all combines to make a nice stream of thought; even more so, combined with my entire network.

    So, what a day– I am looking forward to more enlivening conversations going forward. Thanks Jeremiah– great idea to connect like-minded people!

    Find me on Twitter at

    (edit: Jason Falls has an even better post about the Owyang Twitter explosion.)

    So, am I a social media addict? Ask Jeff Sass:

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    December 8, 2007

    Social Media Top 5: SNCR edition, and I found a new CEO for Facebook!

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    This edition of the Social Media Top 5, a weekly collection of innuendo, falsehoods, fantasy and occasionally interestingly links (no! not links! I mean, original content with supporting notations.. um, yah!), is dedicated to the Society of New Communications Research symposium in Boston this week, and the surrounding social media hijinks.

    Let the kidding begin…

    sncr1) “(They) would rather be considered wrong than take the trouble to prove (themselves) right” – At SNCR, Joseph Carrabis (pictured) enlightened us with the idea of Holmes (“classic influencers”) and Watson (“new influencers”) Bloggers. He fails to mention Mycroft Holmes* bloggers, those brilliant souls with dozens of superior but unfinished and never-published blog posts clogging up their hard drives.

    2) “Bloggers are people? Have you ever eaten with one?” – Alarmed at the over-capacity turnout of the Boston Social Media Club meeting following the symposium, bloggers settle for Plan B, dining out with Phil Gomes, Shel Israel and others. The trouble was only beginning when Stephen Voltz of Eepybird ordered Mentos for dessert…

    3)”What was the part in the middle?” – “Kiddy Table” at SNCR sets new standard for “Disruptive Dialogue.” (Yes, Mr. DD, Chip Griffin, was among the guilty):

    4) “Let the Zombies Soar” – Facebook has had a bit of a PR problem lately, what with the Beacon mess and the lawsuit over intellectual property. To establish “old school” credibility, I say they should hire a CEO that is not from the crazy Web 2.0 world. Look what Google did with Eric Schmidt! I also say, embrace the paranoia over privacy and run with it. My choice for new Facebook CEO? Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft.

    5) “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was right all along/ Yeah, yeah, yeah, you come taggin’ along” – Since I cleared up my position on “links of the day posts” back in March despite some current attempts to stir up the issue again, I would also like to remind people that I have also pre-emptively solved any yet-to-be-made arguments about the exact length of the twitter adoption curve, what’s not so great about Atlanta’s Turner Field, who are the creepiest actors.

    * Hat tip to Scott Monty.

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    December 6, 2007

    SNCR Symposium and outbound social media

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    Today’s SNCR symposium provided a lot of insights, but this is the place for a personal observation: my table, the ‘kiddie table,’ served as social media central- Pistachio, David Parmet, Chip Griffin, Sarah Wurrey & I were constantly sending dispatches all day via Twitter, Seesmic, etc. That’s how events are today in our biz. See here how Laura ‘Pistachio’ Fitton is using glasses to balance her photo shoot.

    I hope we weren’t too disruptive.

    Find some of our Twitter posts here, and some Seesmic videos:






    and here.

    (sorry could note embed these– Future Seesmic feature we hope)

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