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January 18, 2008

Social Media Top 5: I Can Hasbro? edition

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  • Steve Jobs’ MacWorld keynote causes a Twitter tsunami that displaces hundreds of thousands.
  • I Can Hasbro? The popular Facebook game Scrabulous infringes on the Scrabble copyright. Who knew? OK, everyone knew, but perhaps Mattel/Hasbro missed an opportunity to co-opt a popular knockoff,rather than attack it- just as they missed an opportunity to do it first.
  • TV-B-Gone, made (in)famous by Gizmodo at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, spawns a cottage industry:
    • Relative-B-Gone; not looking forward to family gatherings? Zap ’em! Future upgrades will include selectivity in case you want that favorite cool cousin to stick around.
    • Troll-B-Gone; someone pestering you on your blog? Zap ’em! Ok, maybe you can do that already…
    • Bullshit-B-Gone; executives/colleagues/people you know spouting buzzwords and insider geek language? Zap ’em! Make them speak plain English, or whatever language you prefer (Engrish and Pig Latin features coming soon)
    • Bush-B-Gone; for yardwork, AND for liberals! Zap ’em!
    • Lenny Kravitz-B-Gone: special edition for me. Never could take his derivative crap music. Zap ‘im!
  • PR blogger Jeremy Pepper calls out his brethren for spreading “truthiness,” or “blog truth.” I’m just doing my part with the Top 5 every week. What, you expect us to be journalists or something? It’s not like we have to worry about half-baked blog posts coming back to bite us in the ass when our clients get targeted by bloggers– oh, wait…
  • The hunt is on for a 2008 successor to 2007’s “Social Media Starfish” (via Scobleizer). A few candidates, and why they might be cooler:
    • Social Media Kraken: ever see a starfish attack a submarine or a sperm whale? didn’t think so.
    • Social media shark: your blog is a shark- it must keep moving, or it dies.
    • Social media sasquatch: just thinking of those crazy beef jerky ads with the idiots (trolls) who torture the sasquatch (blogger), who actually never inflivcts any real harm
    • Social media unicorn: because the stuff we can;t do yet is always the coolest.

    Guess we’ll have to give this some more thought

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*photo via Icanhasheezburger 



  1. don’t know if you heard NPR’s candidate Bingo this morning but I’m working on measurement bingo. Seems like their should be twitter bingo or social media bingo, no?

    Comment by Katie Delahaye Paine — January 18, 2008 @ 5:22 pm

  2. thanks Katie, you must have been reading my mind– I was trying to find something about the candidates to write, but mothing interesting.

    No, didn’t hear that NPR piece, so thanks. Looking forward to measurement bingo.

    Hmmm, Twitter Bingo, or social media bingo (or bngo)? worth a thought…

    Comment by Doug Haslam — January 18, 2008 @ 5:28 pm

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