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January 17, 2008

Autographed CD – a nice bonus for the fans

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As readers of my blog saw recently, I am a fan of a semi-obscure rock group called The Shazam. When I wrote that earlier post, I realized I did not have one of their CDs, called “Rev9” for their more-interesting-than-I-thought-it-would-be cover of the Beatles’ “Revolution #9.”

I was happily surprised to see that, when the CD arrived, it was autographed by Hans Rotenberry, lead singer and songwriter of the group. Very cool– unexpected. Did the Web site say they were autographed? I had no recollection, but looking back, it did say that. Why wouldn’t any independent musician– or heck, even a famous one — do that, going the extra mile for the fans for just a small amount of effort?

Anyway, this CD is going right next to my autographed copy of The Move‘s “Shazam” CD (obviously, the Move was an inspiration for the band “the Shazam). For that story– it was autographed by the singer, the late Carl Wayne. I bought it on eBay, but got a great story from the seller about working backstage at a show by the hollies, for whom Carl Wayne was singing at the time. Nice to have the story behind something like that.

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