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November 30, 2007

Social Media Top 5: Kindle’s on fire! Beacon shines a light on your shopping

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It is time again for a Social Media Top 5, a lighthearted poke (or zombie bite) at the goings-on, fictional, real and surreal, in the social media world. Lots of help and ideas from wicked smaht guy Scott

  1. Blogging Heroes: I thought the best social media book title was already taken.
  2. Lots of wind, but not much beneath the wings if you ask me…
  3. Concerns about flaming batteries in Amazon’s Kindle device from readers downloading Ray Bradbury’s “Farenheit 451.”
  4. No sneakin’ with Beacon. Facebook application snoops on your shopping, has folks up in arms. Thousands of men now explaining random jewelry purchases that have been posted to their Facebook pages. “Yes, honey, um I bought it for you, yes, thats it! Um, surprise?” Secret Santas also need to be careful. Side note– is Beacon being used in Canada? Canadian Beacon? Canadian Bacn? After all, you can get more for you Loonie these days.
  5. Doctors coin new term for chronic Webcam user injury: “Seesmic neck.”
  6. Hillary Clinton more popular than Werewolves. Zombies are way ahead, but not sure how that translates to the Iowa Caucus voting.

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Boston Celtics’ Kevin Garnett give the best postgame interview ever

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I don;t usually post random videos from YouTube, but this clip shows what it takes to give a god interview: charm, poise, erudition, the ability to form sentences, and the courage to smack down a reporter’s clown-like wardrobe.

Kevin Garnett is really bringing it all to the Boston Celtics, on the court and off. All we need now is a ring.

…and Craig Sager had this coming. Those are some ugly clothes. Thanks KG!

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More Hating on Olympic Mascots: Summer

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It’s not fair to make fun of the winter Olympics mascots without re-posting my old Summer Olympics mascot post as well. Here is my t ake from February, 2006, when Beijing 2008 unveiled its little monsters. This time, in chronological order from 1968 – 2008:

1968, Mexico City, “The Dove of Peace” (unofficial).

The “black power salute” was also unoffical, I believe



1972, Munich, “Waldi the Dachsund”

When I think “athletic achievement,” I think “short, stubby legs” When I think “Olga Korbut,” I think “Dachsund”


1976, Montreal, “Amik the Beaver”

At least the dachsund had legs. This could be an eggplant with a tail..


1980, Moscow, “Misha the Bear”

How could anyone boycott that adorable face?



Also, “Vigri,” the Baby Seal, represented yachting events in Tallinn
— yacht–club–baby seal; I see the connection




1984, Los Angeles, “Sam the Eagle”–

Mr. Ueberroth, there’s a Mr. Henson on the line for you, says it’s urgent. Something about copyright infringement?.



1988, Seoul, “Hodori and Hosuni,” the Tiger Cubs

They’re Grrrrrrrreat!.




1992, Barcelona, “Cobi,” a mountain sheep dog with human shape

See, with the eyes on both side of its face, I thought it was a flounder..




1996, Atlanta, “Izzy,” (The original name was Whatizit)

I’ve got nothing. It’s at once too easy and too difficult to make fun of this. I weep for my country.



2000, Sydney, “Syd,” the Platypus; “Millie,” the Echidna; “Olly,” the Kookaburra

Don the Dingo and Winston the Wallaby were apparently dejected at being passed over.


2004, Athens, “Athena” and “Phevos,” two children of modern times, brother and sister

Because historical characters bear no meaning for an Olympics held in Athens.



2008, Beijing, “Friendlies”:”Beibei” the Fish, “Jingjing” the Panda, “Huanhuan” the Olympic Flame, “Yingying” the Tibetan Antelope, “Nini” the Swallow

Catch ’em all! These cute little figures are what pop up if you type “democracy” into Google China.

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November 29, 2007

Vancouver Unveils 2010 Winter Olympics Mascot; World Recoils in Horror

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UPDATE: I’m an angry nerd! Awesome (I think)– thanks Canoe Dossier! And please see my summary of the Summer Olympics mascots.

Here we go again– another Olympics mascot is unveiled. This particular trilogy of terror are Miga, Quatchi and Sumi, a “sea bear,” a “young sasquatch,” and an, um, “animal spirit,” respectively. Here they are. The legend of Sasquatch has been cheapened, first by a beef jerky maker, now by the Olympic committee. Why not just make him a Webkinz and be done with it?


My ambivalence towards Olympic mascots is not something new. Here is a re-post of a February 2006 blog entry on an old neglected blog. I present them to you now, from 1968-2006, as if they were new and fresh. Summer mascots to follow in a separate post:


2006, Torino, “Neve” and “Gliz”: Two marshmallows?!? Ok, they are supposed to be “Snow and Ice,” but I still think the slogan should be “Give me s’more medals.”

Ciao yerself.


. .



2002, Salt Lake City, “Powder” the Hare; “Copper” the Coyote; “Coal” the Bear

Also known as Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Wolf and Br’er Bear.





1998, Nagano: “Snowlets.” I think those are supposed to be owls. Owls eat mice– that’s it. Oh, and they’re wise. These aren’t even snow owls!

Was Baatz-Maru busy? He would have been a kickin’ logo for Japanese games! And he’s a penguin!



1994, Lillehammer, “Haakon” and “Kristin”, Norwegian child folk characters.

Does this mean they are not original characters?

They only had 2 years to come up with these instead of the usual 4, so I guess this is the best they could do.



1992, Albertville, “Magique”, animated Savoyard Star.

Looks like a cross between a rogue Jack-in-the-Box and an origami project gone awry.



1988, Calgary, “Hidy” and “Howdy” the Welcome Polar Bears.

This from the country that gave us hockey goons.
Let’s give them Timothy Treadwell’s scent and see if their expressions change to something less cute.



1984, Sarajevo, “Vucko the Wolf”

Actually, he’s got a Bode Miller thing going there




1980, Lake Placid, “Roni the Racoon.”

What best represents the USA? I know, an oversized rodent that roots through trash cans and carries rabies!



1976, Innsbruck: “Schneemandl”. That means “snowman” but would be a great name for horror movie.

Beware the Schneemandl!!!




1968, Grenoble, “Shuss”

Shuss yourself.





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November 28, 2007

Greetings from Jeff Pulver’s Facebook breakfast!

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Multimedia greetings from online friends geting together in person.

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November 27, 2007

Morning thought- who should own social media?

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After a blog post I posted at, & listening to the For Immediate Release podcast discussion about disturbingly bad advice for viral videos, I am still thinking- who should own social media in the enterprise, PR, marketing or advertising?

Pic is indicative of the crazy weather we are having today in Boston.

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November 25, 2007

Social Media Top 5, Thanksgiving edition: Breastbook wants to poke you

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Again with the social media snark; items of interest, piss-takes and generally made-up news from around the social media world. Hat tip to Scott Monty for getting me started this week. A little late, because I was eating turkey– white or dark meat? speaking of which:

  1. Chris Brogan must be a leg man because he objects to the breast meat on his Facebook page. Any excuse to show the offending graphic again on your blog, eh, Mr. “doth protest too much?”
  2. Social media addicts still recovering from Thanksgiving shock and shame of having family members who are on neither Twitter nor Facebook.
  3. Webby awards adding category for “Seesmic Webcam Cinematography.”
  4. Tchotchke suggestion for next TechCrunch Boston party: “Web 2.0 Bubbles”bubbles
  5. More Chris Brogan than you can handle; two more Brogan Horcuxes discovered on Twitter, and destroyed: GoofusChrisBrogan and GallantChrisBrogan. Who is the Twitter Harry Potter?

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November 24, 2007

Dinner party chez Haslam

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We always put out for dinner parties. I must say my wife knows how to make the house look fantastic!

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November 21, 2007

My “Email is Dead” email rant

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***This is a memo I sent at work today. Good fodder for how to get me in general. Yes, I sent it via email. But that fits within my rules.**

I come not to praise email, but to bury it.

I have finally reached the breaking point with email. Email is irretrievably broken as a quick communications tool. This is a note about the best way to get in touch with me for any timely info.

Not email.

If you email me something in the morning, it quickly gets buried in client emails, etc. so: if you need to tell me something timely and want to make sure I get the message in time, do the following:

  • Stop by my desk
  • Buzz my extension
  • Call my cell – or text message me
  • If you are on Twitter, direct messages go right to my phone
  • I am on Skype for IM. I have AIM, but don’t always have it turned on.

Email is best for:

  • Documents
  • To-do lists
  • Anything else that should be kept as an ongoing record.
  • Anything that is not timely.

So if it doesn’t need to be in an email, don’t send it that way. If you don’t mind if I don’t see something for a few hours, then go ahead.

Thanks—and have a great Thanksgiving,


November 19, 2007

Farlow Park Tot Lot Part 6 of 6

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Final video of the volunteers rebuilding the Farlow Park tot lot in Newton, MA. This one shows a little more progress. We actually finished all the structures, and the city will do the rest (mulch and fencing). Can’t wait until the playground reopens!
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