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October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween III

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Happy Halloween from Jango Fett!

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Happy Halloween II: for Utterz users.

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I couldn’t resist- a special Halloween costume pic for the Utterz users out there.

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Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween! Finally found a use for that Rocketboom T-shirt…
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October 30, 2007

At VON- Matthew Ebel & Chel Pixie!

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At VON- ran into Matthew Ebel and Michelle Wolverton, of all people! If you are a VoIP company (or any company) looking for someone to provide music for your videos, Matthew’s your man!

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October 28, 2007

PRobecast #37: PodCamp recap episode

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Episode 37 of PRobecast,Topaz Partners’ weekly PR podcast is up:

Sandy Kalik , Todd Van Hoosear and I recap PodCamp Boston 2,
live from the convention hall, with a special appearance by Ewan
of The Podcast Network.
Comment below or email
Audio: Leave a comment at +1-781-404-2419, or Skype

[splashcast VBMB8367UC CONJ1736AG]

*If the current episode is not yet in the Splashcast player, please use the download link below.

Download MP3 File

You can subscribe to the podcast via Podcast Ready
or iTunes.

Or simply use the RSS link here: View RSS XML

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PodCamp Boston- End of Day 2

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PodCamp Boston 2 comes to an end. Chris Brogan, C.C. Chapman & Steve Garfield finally take a breather.

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Social Media Top 5: PodCamp Boston edition

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PodCamp Boston 2 was this weekend, and provides colorful source material for the Social Media Top 5:

  1. Utterz opens up anew channel for me to annoy people with empty content. please subscribe!
  2. Lolsaur launched: debates of LOL inanimate objects debated
  3. Overheard at lunch: the last Blendtec “Will it Blend” episode ever: hand grenade
  4. The Twitterers are revolting! POD tweets make it possible to confound hundreds of readers simultaneously
  5. PodCamp Boston conclusion: time to change the water in the New Media Fishbowl?

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PodCamp Boston 2: Pistachio & Ewan Spence

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PodCamp Boston 2, Sunday morning: Great chat with Ewan Spence, smart/funny guy from Scotland– Shortly after this photo, Ewan launched LolSaur at PodCamp.

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PodCamp Boston 2: Morning

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PodCamp Boston 2: Getting ready for day 2

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October 27, 2007

PodCamp Presentation & the Beth Kanter Experience

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At the PodCamp session I did w/ Bryper on PR on social media, a cool thing happened. Blogger Beth Kanter was there, & blogged on a client pitch I had sent her, after I put up a screenshot of a comment I left on her blog. Serendipitous!

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