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September 29, 2007

PRobecast #33

Episode 33 of PRobecast,Topaz Partners’ weekly PR podcast is up:

Rob Capra , Tim Allik, Rib Capra, Wendie Larkin and I discuss:

    1. Trade shows in competition. Good, bad or confusing?
    2. Building relationships in order to market your message
    3. DEMO recap, including live blogging, or the lack of it
    4. More evidence that the press release needs an overhaul, plus a missed opportunity by PR Newswire at DEMO
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September 27, 2007

Social Media Top 5: Bryper and Web 2.0 both found alive, Ontario CA still smells like cow poop

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This week’s Social Media Top 5, still awaiting more Top 10’s from Bryper:

  1. Bryan Person gone missing: search party discovers him alive and well behind the paid event firewall. Come back to us Bryan!
  2. Podcast & New Media Expo and Hug-a-Thon opens in manure-soaked and poorly-named Ontario, California. Dozens of confused podcasters arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport.
  3. PodCamp SoCal a success. Chris Brogan removes pants, hilarity ensues– and I didn’t even have to make that one up. Jeff Pulver threatens to up the ante for PodCamp Boston (October 26-28!)
  4. Death of Web 2.0 deemed premature. Web 2.0 can’t die until irrational exuberance has killed our rational thought (all of it), VCs, start pouring on the gasoline, and the Net-arati have produced a new Industry Standard and a new Jason Calacanis
  5. Another one I don’t have to make up: Apple knows what volume is good for you, in case you were looking for the volume control on the iPod touch.

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September 22, 2007

PRobecast #32: Fake Steve Jobs at Social Media Club, RIP Paper Press Kits, & N.E. Trounces Silicon Valley in Web 2.0 VC

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Episode 32 of PRobecast,Topaz Partners’ weekly PR podcast is up:

Rob Capra , Adam Zand and I discuss:

  1. A recap of the latest Social Media Cub event in Boston, with Forrester‘s Josh Bernoff, Dan “Fake Steve Jobs” Lyons of Forbes, and Steve Restivo of Wal-Mart
  2. Paper press kits: dead or alive? Discuss. Hat tip to Paul Gillin and David Strom of Tech PR War Stories.
  3. New VC Report puts Boston ahead of Silicon Valley in Web 2.0 investments. So there.
  4. Dan Rather sues CBS. That takes courage.

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September 17, 2007

Social Media Top 5: TechCrunch, Guy Kawasaki, and TMI Twittering

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Let’s make this a regular thing, just like Bryper’s Social Media Top 10, shall we?

Well, Bryan could actually use a little blogging bran, as he seems to have missed his Top 10 for this week (he has been busy showing people how incredibly smart he is – btw– there is still time to register for his Webinar!).

Disclaimer: Might not add up to exactly five:

  • TechCrunch40 theme revealed; taking inspiration from Agatha Christie, it’s “40 Little Indians.” Be careful out there, everyone.
    • In response to TechCrunch 40 featuring MC Hammer, DEMO signs on the entire Sugar Hill Gang.
  • Wikipedia employee reprimands self for editing “Wikipedia” entry on Wikipedia.
  • Guy Kawasaki’s “Truemors” starts trend; smartest people in tech follow suit:
    • Bill Gates: The Britney Spears Chronicles
    • Steve Jobs: Geek Set Fashion Faux-Pas
    • Larry Ellison: Dead Celebrity Limericks, starting with a 13-part tribute to Don Knotts

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September 15, 2007

Michael Jackson is Dead

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The one and only Michael Jackson has died. I was sad to learn this, two weeks after the fact, from the great WhiskeyCast.*

As a Scotch drinker, I maichaeljacksonscotchfound Michael Jackson’s Complete Guide to Scotch an immense help in learning about the different Scotch regions, and the subtler differences among the individual whiskeys. He is, I suppose, to scotch what Robert Parker is to wine.

With no small assist from Mr. Jackson, I discovered that I prefer the Islay malts, with their earthy, peaty qualities– hey, I’m a savory kind of guy.

In fact, I hold my slightly weathered Third Edition Guide (1994) in my hands. Yes, I am the kind of geek who read it cover to cover when I first got it.

I don’t remember too many factoids from it, but I did get a sense of the variety of whiskeys out there.

“Whiskey,” by the way, comes from the Scots Gaelic word “usquebaugh,” meaning “water of life.” Fitting. So, “whiskey” = “scotch.” Everything else needs to find their own names.

My favorite Scotch? I did state my preference for savory scotches, particularly from the Islay region–Lagavulin and Laphroiag are frequently in my glass, as are the various Bowmore varieties and the occasional splurge of an Auchentoshan 21-year-old.

However, I am often drawn to the Balvenie “Double-Wood” — a Highland malt that takes its name from being aged in bourbon and sherry casks, giving it a bit of a sweeter flavor that is a bit different from my usual dram. Michael Jackson gave it an 87 in the Third Edition.

What’s a real shame is that Michael Jackson is a beer authority as well, and I haven’t gone through his writings on that topic yet. I will have to do that, I am sure to learn a thing or three.

And yes, I did title this post the way I did in part to be obnoxious. I like to be transparent about this stuff. Welcome to my blog, fans of the King of Pop.

* Hat tip to Chip Griffin and his Cork and Knife blog for pointing me to the Whiskey Podcast.

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September 11, 2007

9/11: Andrew Curry Green; a selfish remembrance

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I didn’t think I would post anything about 9/11; what could I possibly add? But the reminiscences of friends kept it on my mind. To top it off, my friend Scott Sughrue took these two pictures today at the 9/11 6th anniversary memorial commemoration:

Memorial 1

Memorial 2


Note the name smack dab in the middle of the second photo: Andrew Curry Green. Actually, it’s Andrew Peter Charles Curry Green, but I guess it hardly seems fair to take up so much more rock than the others.

As much as I just want to move on with life and not be affected by every damn anniversary of the unspeakable events of 9/11/01, we each have our personal story to tell, a way we were affected. For too many of us, that story includes the loss of someone very close.

Andrew, like Scott, is a friend of mine going back nearly 30 years, to when we were all in the Boy Scouts. The group– about 20 or so of us — has remained tight, through college, marriages, children and yes, deaths.

More than any of us, Andrew had a sense of adventure that took him around the country and the world, yet never spurning his roots in the Merrimack Valley, north of Boston. He was also closer to me in age than the rest of the group, who were slightly older, and in those ways I identified with him a bit more.

Andrew, with his wife Shannon, whose friendship also dates back to our teenage years, had recently moved to California for work when I saw him at our annual canoe trip at the end of July, 2001. We all talked a lot about the uncertain economy, and how many of us had either been laid off or feared for our jobs. Andrew was not let go, which is why he was in Boston for business, returning home to Los Angeles on American Airlines Flight 11 (Fates cursed? Check.)

My vivid memories of 9/11 include: the usual watching the events unfold live with disbelieving eyes and jaw dropped; being unable to access news sites on the Internet due to overload– what irony that Akamai, whose founder Danny Lewin also perished on AA 11, had a lot of work to do to keep traffic flowing on the Web; and most notably, watching how upset my boss was when she thought one of her friends may have been on the planes (he wasn’t — he Crackberried his assistant from the tarmac to let people know he was ok).

After I was dismissed early and biked home, picking up my re-soled shoes at the cobbler– amazing the little things you remember, like the 12″ black and white TV at the shop–it wasn’t until that evening I got the call from another of our friends:

“Andrew’s gone.”

That was it. What the hell? Many of you are familiar with the mixtures of grief, rage, depression, anger and helplessness over the following months and years.

We should also recognize the healing of scars, the moving on without forgetting, and the new lives we grew out of the ashes of the old, especially in the case of Andrew’s wife and another dear friend, Shannon.

Another way we move on is by remembering Andrew through the summer camp, Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation, where we all enjoyed the best parts of our youths. A group that Andrew helped found, The Key Foundation, has been raising funds to build a badly-needed boathouse in his name. I have blogged about this project before.

One reason I did not feel like posting originally is that I don’t feel like i should act special that I lost someone I knew that day. Thousands, perhaps, millions, of people were affected similarly, and I didn’t exactly “own” the relationship with Andrew, not when he left a wife, extended family and other friends as close as or closer than I. On the other hand, none of us should have to apologize for feeling, selfishly, a sense of our own loss.
It’s good for the soul.

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September 10, 2007

PRobecast #30: iPhone Early Adopters; Sated or Screwed?; Death of Business 2.0 , Pitching WSJ

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Episode 30 of PRobecast,Topaz Partners’ weekly PR podcast is up:

Todd Van Hoosear, Rob Capra and I discuss:

  1. The PR issues around the latest Apple iPod announcement, and reaction to the price reduction of the iPhone. Arrogant or responsive?
  2. The Mitt Romney citizen-created ad contest. Is the campaign ready for the negative ads?
  3. Would you like Quechup with your spam? A social network shows how to screw up right out of the gate.
  4. Office 2.0 is looking at how to use social media in the enterprise.
  5. An appreciation of Business 2.0, which is finally being put down–now what?
  6. Allen Weinkrantz gives good lessons on his blog about getting coverage in the Wall street Journal, and other major publications
  7. Event roundup: Tech Cocktail, Web Innovators, and PodCamps in Philadelphia and Boston.

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Social Media Top Five. Half the Items, Twice the Quality

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Bryan Person does a decent job, with his “Social Media Top 10,” but I think the list needs more spin, more pizzazz, more “je-ne-say-what?”

So, here is my take on a “Social Media Top 5” as of today:

  1. Joseph Jaffe bans letter “C,” renames company “rayon.”
  2. Bryper“-style naming convention fails to catch on, according to DoHas, ChriBro, ScoMo and JoWa. SheHo vehemently lobbies against the trend.
  3. Twitter News: AntiChrisBrogan and BritChrisBrogan revealed to be Brogan Horcruxes.
  4. Call for info: Top 10 most ignored FaceBook apps.
  5. Jaiku schedules major event for next Twitter outage.

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September 4, 2007

PodCamp Boston 2: Getting Organized

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PodCamp Boston 2 is coming, October 26-28, 2007. I am particularly excited because this year I actually know what I am getting into, and have been asked to join the growing horde of event organizers.

I’ll let Steve Garfield in the video below and the text that follows explain the event facts. I want to speak to the feeling of the event. At the risk of extending the “echo chamber” feeling that social media is a club, I really like the community vibe that PodCamp and other New Media events have fostered. Yes, we see a lot of the same people at event after event, but one of the repeated themes of the last year–and one I think will bear some fruit at PodCamp–is spreading social media outside of the “early adopter” confines. Companies looking to incorporate social media are welcome. Marketers and PR flaks like myself are welcome. Hobbyists, artists and pros of all abilities are welcome. There will be enough people — perhaps 1,000?– at PodCamp that the exchange of ideas will be broad enough that you can get what you come for and contribute the rest.

I cannot wait for the event. And I will not hesitate to thank the group of friends and colleagues I met last year, that I am happy to give the credit for getting PodCamp–now an international phenomenon– off the ground. These superheroes are led by Chris Brogan and Christopher Penn, but include Bryan Person, as well as the aforementioned Mr. Garfield and a host of others. Yes, I am leaving people out. Scroll down that last link for a full list, and as you register, take a look around at the blog and the very impressive registrants list. Also, can we say enough about how Boston is a great social media city?

See you at PodCamp!

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PodCamp Boston 2 is the new media community UnConference that helps connect people interested in blogging, podcasting, social networks, video on the net, and new media together for three days to learn, share, and grow their new media skills. Whether youre just interested in new media or an experienced veteran, PodCamp Boston 2 is for you! PodCamp Boston 2 will be held October 26 – 28, 2007 at the Boston Convention and Expo Center (venue generously sponsored by VON Boston) and is free to attend. Register today with friends and colleagues! Thanks to David Tam├ęs for shooting this video.

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