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August 23, 2007

Three memorable social media exchanges

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A few exchanges I have had over the course of the last several months. Sometimes, the little quips are the ones that make you think about what makes your social media world go ’round. If you like these kinds of posts I will jot down more as i remember them and make more:

1. Me: “I don’t put videos on my blog just for the sake of putting a video up there”

Videoblogger: “Why not?”

– My response was that I need to have something valuable to add as commentary, or a specific reason to put up the video. I have a vicious dislike of “links of the day” and video posts with no comment. But why can’t you just put up a video/link/picture, if you simply find it worth sharing?

2. Me (to well-known pioneering podcaster): “I don’t listen to your podcast.”

– Well, oops. But, do you need to listen to/watch the “A-List” podcasts? No, you abso-effing-lutely don’t. But if you like them, knock yourself out. For the record, I did subsequently catch select episodes of the podcast in question. Sometimes honesty overcomes tact, though.

3. Me: “I’m restarting my blog because I have been convinced that personal branding is important. It’s called”

Friend: “Nothing says ‘Doug Haslam’ like ‘Gischeleman.'”

– Touche! But– branding isn’t just picking an obvious, searchable word, though you can get to this blog through Building a brand means quality, consistency, and providing something people want. Not that “Gischeleman” is a successful brand, but people do know that is my blog’s name, a decent first step.

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