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August 23, 2007

Three memorable social media exchanges

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A few exchanges I have had over the course of the last several months. Sometimes, the little quips are the ones that make you think about what makes your social media world go ’round. If you like these kinds of posts I will jot down more as i remember them and make more:

1. Me: “I don’t put videos on my blog just for the sake of putting a video up there”

Videoblogger: “Why not?”

– My response was that I need to have something valuable to add as commentary, or a specific reason to put up the video. I have a vicious dislike of “links of the day” and video posts with no comment. But why can’t you just put up a video/link/picture, if you simply find it worth sharing?

2. Me (to well-known pioneering podcaster): “I don’t listen to your podcast.”

– Well, oops. But, do you need to listen to/watch the “A-List” podcasts? No, you abso-effing-lutely don’t. But if you like them, knock yourself out. For the record, I did subsequently catch select episodes of the podcast in question. Sometimes honesty overcomes tact, though.

3. Me: “I’m restarting my blog because I have been convinced that personal branding is important. It’s called”

Friend: “Nothing says ‘Doug Haslam’ like ‘Gischeleman.'”

– Touche! But– branding isn’t just picking an obvious, searchable word, though you can get to this blog through Building a brand means quality, consistency, and providing something people want. Not that “Gischeleman” is a successful brand, but people do know that is my blog’s name, a decent first step.

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August 17, 2007

PRobecast 28: Print media dead? Twitterization of mainstream media?

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Episode 28 of PRobecast,Topaz Partners’ weekly PR podcast is up:

Tim Allik, Rob Capra and I discuss:

  1. I remark on the changing makeup of the media after a recent media tour.
  2. Is print media dead? New articles continue this discussion, with commentary from Tim Allik’s younger brother.
  3. The Twitterization of Mainstream Media? A discussion of David Berlind’s recent ZDNet blog post, and a Twitter smackdown among Messrs. Howard, Fine and Howard. Oh, and a plug for my recent appearance on the Forward Podcast.
  4. More ZDNet: a great resource called IT Facts.
  5. Plugs for upcoming events being promoted via social media: PodCamp Boston and One Voice Walk.
  6. What to do this weekend. Stock Market Panic!

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August 16, 2007

Twitter & microblogging: Forward Podcast with Paull Young

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Cross-posted from Tech PR Gems:

Paull and  Constantin

After the wrap-up of a media tour with a client in New York, I stuck around the city to speak with Paull Young and Constantin Basturea of Converseon. I try not to turn down opportunities to have a meetup when I can make it work, and I am glad these two were able to take some time with me.

Of course we talked about social media, PR and marketing: and then Paull, a recently-transplanted Aussie who more importantly blogs and podcasts for PR students and young practitioners, whipped out his podcast gear.

Paull and I recorded an impromptu podcast on microblogging and Twitter— trying to keep things on a a basic level, how Twitter and other social media fit into marketing programs, and also touching on the issue.

Through the magic of cut and paste, I have placed the download link below, but please visit Paull’s blogs, Young PR and Forward Blog.

Download link for the podcast:
icon for podpress Forward Podcast 29 – Microblogging and Twitter [20:56m]:| Download

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August 10, 2007

PRobecast 27: Google News, Defcon, Blogger Rights…

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Episode 27 of PRobecast,Topaz Partners’ weekly PR-related podcast is up:
Tim Allik, Adam Zand and I discuss:

  1. Google News is allowing comments. How will that work? Is this a PR opportunity?
  2. Bloggers get same protections as regular journalists; well, some of them anyway
  3. Bloggers’ union in the works? Do newspaper writers see bloggers as a threat similar to freelancers?
  4. George Colony of Forrester Research tells CEOs to get with the Web 2.0 program or else.
  5. Social media as a marketing channel. Appropriate? A discussion started by Chris Brogan and continued by Doug. Plus, tips on stalking reporters via social media.
  6. Defcon: Undercover reporter outed by hackers. No losers here; color us amused

7. What to do this weekend– celebrate Doug’s Rez Day!

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My Rez-Day– and my Year in Social Media

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TUX Today, Aug. 10, is my “Rez-Day.” A Rez-Day is the anniversary of your initial login-to the popular virtual world Second Life. In thinking about the date, I realized the last year has been a fascinating and busy one for me in the world of social media– not just in Second Life, which for me has waned slightly.

Let’s have a look at the Year in Social Media:


I had been interested in blogs and dabbled in the medium before arriving at Topaz Partners in 2005. Blogs struck me as the perfect answer to the disastrous personal Web pages of the “Geocities” era. Forget design, just give me content…

Also, I was a radio producer for many years before even getting into public relations. That comes into play as well

Second Life

I think I started checking out Second Life when I heard that larger PR agency Text 100 had opened an office there. I didn’t get into it heavily, though, until after I attended the Podcast Expo and found a lot of Second Lifers, including a client, Russell Holliman of Podcast Ready, were in there and doing interesting things.

I joined that crowd along with colleagues like Adam Zand, and among other things:

  • Conducted press interviews
  • Attended events, like the launch of the marketing company “Crayon” – and became a regular at their Thursday “coffee with crayon” meeting
  • Attended PodCamp Second Life
  • Did quite a bit of networking with other marketing folks online.
  • Oh, and there was the occasional party, usually attended or hosted by The Diva.

What I learned: A new platform for social interaction can open up things as simple as client meetings to whole new levels


Attending– and being a sponsor of– the first PodCamp was an amazing experience, not just for meeting rockstars like Drew Baron and Joanne Colan of Rocketboom, as well as ex-Rocketboomer and current ABC News video blogger Amanda Congdon, but meeting several other people who have become valuable friends and social media/business associates, including: Chris Brogan, Christopher Penn, Bryan Person, John Wall, CC Chapman and Steve Garfield. Yup, I’m leaving people out, I am sure of it.

The Podcast & Portable Media Expo mentioned above was a continuation of the same thing– but on a national level. When you get to meet Leo Laporte, the Ninja, and Doug Kaye (bear with me if you don’t know these names, they are important in podcasting) on the same weekend, it’s hard not to get excited about podcasting.

What I learned: face to face meetings are still the biggest catalysts of any movement.


I had been blogging at Tech PR Gems, the Topaz Partners PR blog, but several people, particularly Ed Lee, convinced me to re-start this blog for myself. Gischeleman’s blog has started to find a voice in the ensuing months (I think), and it is fun to write. More than that, I like to use it as a lab: what gets traffic? what gets reaction? Can I use the blog to spread viral media? How do I attach this to network?

What I learned: Personal brand is important, no matter how tightly aligned you are with your organization or employer. Plus the more blog posts you write, the more your writing and thinking improves.


I went to school for radio; I spent years producing radio, from news shows to audio drams; why shouldn’t I podcast? When former radio colleague Tim Allik joined me at Topaz, that was the catalyst for actually getting together our own podcast, PRobecast, together. It has come along nicely, improving along the way, and I don’t think this is the last podcast I will be involved with.

Also, commenting on other public relations/marketing podcasts has become a fairly regular habit (see: personal branding, above).

What I learned: Sometimes, just do it, and fix what’s wrong along the way. Plus, participate!

Social Networks

I am including a lot of things under this umbrella, in part because this blog post will get way too long. Last October, some of the people named above got me onto Twitter, and I started using it in earnest some time before the SXSW conference, where Twitter hit the big time. I include this micro-blogging format because I see it as a social network– perhaps intertwined with everything else listed above, as many of the same people appear in each, along with a variety of different people.

Twitter in particular has been a great source of instant discussions, questions, links, news, and–especially– attention. I am paying attention to who is online, they are paying attention to me. It has become quite useful for getting people to this blog, to Tech PR Gems, and even for certain messages for my clients (see my Tech PR Gems post on the topic here).

Facebook has become important as well, though I am still learning to use it– but in a nutshell, people are there, thus so am I.

Also using: MySpace, LinkedIn (for years), Pownce, Flickr, Gleamd, Spock, Ning, 8Apps… what am I forgetting? This crazy long list indicates the state of the industry right now, doesn’t it?


Let’s see what the next year brings: more media making? More social networks? More blogs? Consolidation? of the Industry? of me? I am looking forward to it.

By the way, I don’t usually drink margaritas in Real life. But Second life is about indulging fantasy, right?

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August 6, 2007

BlogDay, August 31: 5 blogs to check out

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Blog Day 2007
I have been tagged again! This time by Chris Brogan, who is passing on Jeff Pulver‘s latest blog-tag meme, to mark BlogDay on August 31.

First, the rules established by Jeff:

1. List five Blogs that you find interesting and if you can tell, include the city/country where they are from.
2. Identify five Bloggers to tag to join in this game with you. I recommend emailing the bloggers you tag to give them a heads up of you tagging them.
3. Use the tag: BlogDay2007 in your blog post.
4. (Optionally): Contact the owners of the blogs you shared as your “blogs to take a look at.”

Chris concentrated on identifying blogs around the world; Jeff concentrated on Twitter friends that have interesting blogs.

My approach steals a little bit of both, but starts with a hyperlocal approach:

The Garden City – administered by Chuck Tanowitz and Kristine Munroe, Newton, Mass.; I have talked about this blog before, and I am a participant, but more importantly I think it is great example of a community blog that involves all sorts of interested residents, including members of the city government, talking about everything from education to politics to favorite bakeries. A great model.

Online Public Relations – Jim Horton, located in metro NYC area, has been running this site, and its companion blog, for at least a decade (I think). Not enough people talk about it and I want to make sure Jim gets his due as one of the early PR bloggers (the first?) and one of the best.

Mesmerized! – Priyah Shah, Mumbai, India: A student and new PR practitioner, her blog runs from thoughts about PR and social media to poetry and fiction. I discovered her through her response to an appearance on Bryan Person;s New Comm Road.Keys to the Game – “Jose Melendez,” Boston: Forget the Sons of Sam Horn forum or Boston Dirt Dogs, this long-running blog is the most hilarious collection of thoughts on the Boston Red Sox. I challenge other people to come up with funny sports blogs.

Bonus video blog: Townie News, the official home of Paul “Fitzy” Fitzgerald’s “Wicked Pissah Webcast. Obscenity-laced Boston sports tirades, priceless, though I am not counting it in my five. – Vidar Andersen, “BlackTar” on Twitter, Cologne, Germany: I picked Vidar among my TwitterFriends based on intelligent Tweets, but also the same intelligence reflected in the blog.

There are so many others I could point out, but here are five in variety.

Well then, on to tags:

Chuck, Kristine, Vidar, Priyah, John

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August 3, 2007

PRobecast 26: YouTube Debate, Kryptonite Redux, Chocolate Rain and More…

I have posted PRobecast, Episode 26 of Topaz Partners‘ weekly PR-related podcast.

Rob Capra, Adam Zand and I discuss:

  1. Second Life bans gambling? Can the fantasy world go on? We think so.
  2. YouTube debate post factum, John Edwards took it a step further, and what will the Republicans do?
  3. Kryptonite redux: Kryptonite attacked on the blogs again, but this time they’re ready. (Hat tip: B.L. Ochman)
  4. ComScore report on global reach of social networks: re-capping Doug’s grumpy blog post, and how do we use them as PR people? Plus, obligatory Twitter mention!
  5. After BlogHer: a discussion on pitching bloggers. A gain. With mostly common sense points that can be applied to traditional media pitches as well.
  6. Elton John says shut down the Internet because it destroys creativity. What’s a creative way to say Shut. Up. Elton?
  7. Viral videos — can we create a “Chocolate Rain” for our clients? What can we learn from viral videos that catch fire on their own?
    And– no kidding— a clients’ video was posted on Mashable as we spoke.
  8. What to do this weekend: Pan Mass Challenge, raising money for Cancer research, and gratuitous plug for the Blue Shutters Inn in Gloucester, Mass. (No, Tony did not put us up to it).
  9. [splashcast VBMB8367UC CONJ1736AG]

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Video: The mySpace effect on job interviews

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Ok, I’m pumping up a client here, but I have been chuckling over this fun video one of my clients, Tubes, produced this week, showing the effect of “too much information” of a certain kind on mySpace on a job-seeker’s prospects.

The subject has been done before, but the “play by play” approach made me laugh:


Why Tubes? The Tubes software allows people to create media-rich sharing networks without having to publish them to the Web for all to see.

I love working with companies that are not afraid to have a little fun.

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