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July 20, 2007

PRobecast 25: Social Media PR, Grammar Vandal, and more

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I have posted PRobecast, Episode 25 of Topaz Partners‘ weekly PR-related podcast.

Rob Capra, Sandy Kalik and I discuss:

  1. The “Public Relations” entry on Wikipedia: Is it ok if PR people contribute to it–pretty please, Mr. Wales?
  2. We discuss a new white paper, “Relating to the Public; the Evolving Role of Public Relations in the Age of Social Media,” by Paul Rand and Giovanni Rodriguez. We talk particularly about integrating social and traditional media, recruiting, and teach new media in PR classes.
  3. “Social Media Influence” index: Do we need one? Is it useful? Should we create one that shows Tech PR Gems to be the most influential blog?
  4. Cheering on the Grammar Vandal: striking a blow for proper English. Plus, yet another appeal to get rid of “Post Mortem” in business usage.
  5. On the Blog: Facebook vs. LinkedIn, Facebook vs. MySpace, and focusing social media usage
  6. On the Blog: Read alison Raymond’s post on Technorati!
  7. What to do next week: social media-driven film screening for “No Reservations” at Fenway Theater in Boston, July 24.
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