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June 23, 2007

Podcast! PRobecast #21: PR Nightmares, Tech :Publishers and iPhone

Welcome to the PRobecast, Episode 21 of Topaz Partners’ weekly PR-related podcast.
This week, we record from the lovely Blue Shutters Inn facing good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, MA, with a bigger than usual gang of suspects.

Tony Sapienza, Todd Van Hoosear, Susan Koutalakis, Tim Allik, Doug Haslam and Adam Zand discuss:

  1. Don’t Be This Company.” Spell check your pitches, because you never know when, say, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch might be grumpy enough to call you out in public.
  2. Tech publishers in trouble? What will be the impact of the consolidation of CMP properties, and the sell off of Ziff Davis‘ enterprise magazines?
  3. Topaz making the rounds: Tony Sapienza talks about his recent speaking engagements at BullDog Reporter Media Relations 2007 and the PRSA T3 PR conference, and Todd Van Hoosear recaps the latest Social Media Club Boston event on Social Media ROI.
  4. Juvenile behavior report: Google holds a party during eBay Live, eBay retaliates by pulling advertising.
  5. Hillary Clinton chooses her campaign theme song, and the blog debate spills over into PRobecast.
  6. Things to do: Internet Radio Day of Silence in protest of impending RIAA fees, and getting in line for the iPhone (plus Doug tells the worst PR joke ever).
  7. Coda: Christina Carlson feels bad for the AT&T employees who have to cancel vacations due to the iPhone launch.

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Audio: Leave a comment at +1-781-404-2419, or Skype doug.haslam

Comment below or email
Audio: Leave a comment at +1-781-404-2419, or Skype doug.haslam

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