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June 12, 2007

Podcast! Topaz Partners PRobecast #19: Ghostblogging, Olympics logo and more

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Another cross-post from Tech PR Gems of show notes from our PRobecast PR podcast. I’m not in it this week, but it’s still good:

In this episode of PRobecast, Topazers Todd Van Hoosear, Tony Sapienza, and Tim Allik mind-meld over the following:

Ghostblogging: The final chapter. Todd tells us he has the answer to the Ghostblogging dilemma that we first talked about several weeks ago.

PR Then and Now: We try to identify which PR skills translate best from the pre-Web to the post-Web worlds.

Keeping it clean online: Tony talks about a legal remedy involving URL redirects that one cyberstalking victim is leveraging to combat online defamation of character.

The Logo from Hell: Tim awards the 2012 Olympics with this week’s Bright Side Award. The 2012 Olympic logo has been universally panned as ugly and overpriced, and video ads featuring the logo have resulted in epileptic seizures among scores of victims. (Readers of our sister blog POP Culture Gems will recall that the Olympics have struggled for a long time with logos, mascots and other touchy-feely things.)

Online Advertising: Mayor Michael Bloomberg announces “Online Advertising Week” in New York City as online ad revenue enjoys another quarter of stellar growth, even with overall ad revenue down slightly.

[splashcast VBMB8367UC CONJ1736AG]

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