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June 1, 2007

Podcast! PRobecast #18

The Topaz partners PRobecast is back with Episode 18 after a holiday week.

[splashcast VBMB8367UC CONJ1736AG]

This week Tim Allik and Adam Zand join me to discuss:

  1. Introducing our new, user-friendly URL:
  2. The Nikon D80 blogger outreach campaign. Good, ethical PR or blogola?
  3. “Flea” unmasked. Doctor/defendant in malpractice case unmasked. Anonymous blogging, and watch what you blog about.
  4. Presidential Social Media Part I: John Edwards campaign makes good after missteps in Twitter outreach.
  5. Presidential Social Media Part II: Hillary Clinton asks the public to choose a theme song. Plus, we rate the songs that made the cut (but Doug forgot to mention his own write-in choice).
  6. Melcrum’s new Communicator’s Network joins MyRagan in the PR communities space.
  7. Products of the week! Microsoft Surface, iTunes Plus, iTunes U.
  8. What to do this weekend: Red Sox fans welcome A-Rod to Boston, Human Giant twitters MTV Movie Awards, and an early Belmont pick from Adam (Tank).

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  1. Rather than cross post, I suggest your readers/listeners note this .

    Comment by Amanda Chapel — June 2, 2007 @ 10:07 pm

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