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April 27, 2007

New Podcast Up: PRobecast #13: Military PR, Extending the Conversation, Disclosure on Blogs

Just posted a new episode of PRobecast, the public relations podcast I produce with my colleagues at Topaz partners.

This week’s panel, Adam Zand, Tim Allik, Paul Hughes, Todd Van Hoosear and myself, discuss:

  1. Military PR issues. Topazer and former military public affairs officer Paul Hughes joins us for a perspective on the Pat Tillman story. manufacturing stories or will they come back to bite you?
  2. Audio comment: Bryan Person brings up blog transparency; does a blog without bylines have a disclosure problem? A discussion arose online about the Air Hybrid Blog, which Topaz maintains for Scuderi Group. Kami Huyse also blogged about it, and it became an example of a blog conversation taking a positive turn, with rapid responses and practical changes.
  3. Is Web 2.0 a conversational vacuum? Extending the conversation, with help from Chris Brogan, Christopher Penn, This is going to be BIG! and the Garden City Blog. Yes, Doug brings up Twitter.
  4. Tech Product of the Week: the Barbie MP3 player. Hear me sing Aqua
  5. Stock Pick of the Week: MySpace goes to China. By the way– who was the first big Western rock act to play mainland China?
  6. MySpace again: couple goes to MySpace to adopt a child. I manage to bring up Twitter again.
  7. Barack Obama on Twitter? Jury is out.

We want your comments! (Sen. Obama, ease up on the exclamation points)

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