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April 27, 2007

All the Best Ideas Come From Brooklyn

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I have always paid more attention to things that come out of Brooklyn– many of my more interesting friends and mentors are from the fabled borough, and nothing beats the Brooklyn Dodgers for baseball lore.

So when Jason Calacanis, a person I first came across when he was editor of the Silicon Alley Reporter and I was a callow PR flack, posted rules about how to link bait him, I had to read it.

It has actually been interesting to see Jason’s latest iterations: WebLogs entrepreneur, Netscape chief, “Entrepreneur in Residence,” all with larger-than-life personality intact. Though I had never met him in person, I recognized him immediately at the Podcast Expo last fall, as he was waving his BlackBerry around, exclaiming that he got a call from the Podfather, Adam Curry (myself and the group I was with were not impressed at the time, as most of us, had received several call and messages from him over the last few weeks). EDIT– I later discovered this was part of a drinking game proposed by Robert Scoble, which made me laugh

The point of this post? I want to see if the link baiting rules work. Jason certainly doesn’t need my link to him, but I would be curious about the reaction, and if other popular bloggers will follow suit in being so forthcoming about how they play the linking game…

Plus, I’m having a shallow moment. Does that make me bad? I don’t care.

ADDED: About Link Baiting: if Jason does link to this and I get traffic, will I keep it? I believe that good content keeps people, promotion (and link whoring) gets them there. So if you like my posts, stick around, if you don’t, that’s ok. I don’t make my living on this blog

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