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March 9, 2007

Twitter Pt II: Useful? Yes–plus I know when everyone goes to bed

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Mirrored from my post in the Tech PR Gems blog:

A week ago, I blogged my skepticism about Twitter— would it be useful, or would I burn out with the overload?

The answer is, both.

Since that post, Gideon Television kept me online with some “extreme gonzo twittering,” and I have stuck with it, with increasingly good results. Even though he is now gone from Twitter.

The good?

  • Some very interesting links have been pushed my way, like a CIO Insight article on Second Life
  • I actually like the idea that people alert me when they post to their blogs. It has kept me engaged– those, and the constant updates on the very entertaining video contest
  • There have been at least a couple of online events I or others have joined due to Twitter alerts– that might not have happened otherwise
  • Seeing live Twitters from events such as SXSW and New Communications Forum has been instructive (and could be more so).
  • Quick answers to questions (actuals: where do you go to look for widgets? What kind of digital camera do you like? Are superheroes back in style?)
  • I have actually done a little business-related communication that started in Twitter

The not so good:

  • I now know when everyone on my friends list goes to bed, and what they have for lunch every day– TMI, and adds ot the clutter (no offense, of course).
  • Presidential hopeful John Edwards needs to be more interactive– points for being online, but so far it has only been 1-2 “here’s where I am” messages a day. I need more than that
  • I need to behave myself (so far so good)– this is such a mix of personal and professional communications, that a bad statement from one side reflects poorly on the other

So, I stay on

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  1. Great points all around and I might not have read this if I didn’t see your Twitter come through about it. *grin*

    Comment by C.C. Chapman — March 9, 2007 @ 2:13 pm

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