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March 3, 2007

New Podcast Espiode: Topaz PRobecast #5

I would like to cross-post (again) with my work blog, Tech PR Gems, this time to mention a new episode of our weekly podcast, in which I (usually) take part. The topic–loosely–is technology PR, but we have fun and try to make it a good listen. You can listen via the player in the sidebar, or subscribe (info below)– thanks!
This week’s panel, Tim Allik, Rob Capra, and I, discuss:

  • Where’s Adam Zand? Among his travels in the next week, he will be at the New Communications Forum. We look forward to his report in one of our upcoming podcasts
  • PRSA Boston– some impressions on last Monday’s session, “Social Media: Practical Tips, Tricks, Tools and Pitfalls,” where Topaz’s own Todd Van Hoosear was a panelist. A hat tip to panelist Paul Gillin’s summary of the evening, which also included panelist Todd Defren and moderator John Cass.
  • Rob discusses municipal PR; in particular, the city of New Orleans’ search for professional PR help, evolving into a discussion of community blogging, including our own participation.
  • The U.S. Army tells troops not to talk about Walter Reed Army Medical Center expose– Tim awards the weekly “bright side” award to the U.S. military for their handling of the issue, because it can only get better (with a vote for Jet Blue’s own PR regression)
  • Twitter; Doug expands on his post on Twitter burnout (and I pull out the word of the day, “onomatopoetic“).
  • Politics and PR!(?); Hillary vs. Barack vs. David Geffen, and John Edwards gets psyched out in Second Life.

You can subscribe to the podcast via Podcast Ready
or iTunes.

Or simply use the RSS link here: View RSS XML

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